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"On February 9th 2019 I will be hanging up the scrubs and stethoscope, jumping on my bike and setting off on a round the world cycle challenge covering 19000 miles in 8 months. 


"I am a 26-year-old junior doctor currently working in Brighton. Born and bred in the mighty Manchester (United,) I moved down to London for my studies and have since relocated down to the south coast for the first few years as a doctor.

"The most important thing for you to know about me is that I am in no way a professional athlete. Coming in at 6ft5, weighing more than 100kg and having a lifelong weakness for all things sugar and dough have put paid to any flourishing sporting career. Having said that I enjoy a game of rugby and have spent plenty of time in the saddle over the years. 

"This challenge will allow me to continue my love affair with cycling and at the same time raise awareness for an issue that I feel very strongly about. I was shocked when I learnt that doctors are twice as likely to commit suicide compared with the general population. Year on year, the number of doctors struggling with anxiety, depression and burnout is growing with little in the way of support on offer. It's my firm belief that without healthy doctors you simply cannot have healthy patients. 


"Hopefully, this challenge will highlight these issues and help improve support for doctors so that they can continue doing what they love, helping others in their time of need."  



"Another Brightonian doctor. I’ll cycle the Indian leg with Mike, before nipping back to work. A couple of months and a few miles later I’ll meet Mike in Queenstown, New Zealand. From then on it’s cleat to the pedal all the way back to London. I’ll cover around half the distance of Mike - a meagre 9000 miles. 


"This challenge will be mentally and physically exhausting, much like being a junior doctor. Similarly to Mike I’m partial to a selection box and I’m pushing the boundaries of BMI. Nothing I’ve done previously compares to this."




"I’m also a doctor working in Brighton and hailing from the mighty island of Jersey.  I’ll be joining Mike and Charlie for the last couple of months, going across Northern America and then Portugal to London. I do love a good challenge but I think that the charities are the main reason why I’m cycling.


"Mental Health (or ill-health) is an entity that will probably affect every single one of us, either directly or through someone whom we know and care about. Despite what many people might like to think, doctors are not immune to this. The rates of problems ranging from burnout to suicide in the medical profession are staggering. 


"I’m sure there’ll be some ups and downs along the way, but I’m really looking forward to putting in the miles to help a great cause."



"I am not from Brighton, but I am a doctor. I am joining the peloton fashionably late for the main event: North America. As we all know, the first 6 months is just a warm-up for this 4.5 thousand mile mega-marathon.

"I’m a big fan of Mike’s work and I thoroughly endorse his endeavour to improve support for doctors with mental health issues. I would say the biggest attraction for me is the sheer adventure. At the opposite end of the spectrum to Mike and Charlie, measuring 5ft8 and c. 65kg, I'm here to represent the little guys. I have almost no long-distance cycling experience, we have a long way to go, a long way to climb, with little support and there are infinite possibilities for things to go wrong – I cannot wait."