During the 8 months Dr Mike will be on the road, The RMBF team have come up with some fun ways to show your support for the challenge and at the same time help support doctors in need.

Get on your bike!​

Stop driving/using public transport to get to work and start cycling! Put the money you would
have spent on petrol/transport into a pot and donate the proceeds to Mike’s incredible
journey. You’ll be surprised how much you can save. If you don’t fancy getting in the saddle,
try walking instead.

Make your lunch!

Start bringing your own lunch in to work 1 day a week and put the money you would have
spent into the pot. It’s cheaper and promotes a healthier lifestyle.

Home brew?

Make a pact with your colleagues to stop buying your morning coffees and start making your
own. If your coffee costs £2.50 per day, that’s £50 in 4 weeks!

Around the World Cuisine​

Mike is going to be visiting 21 countries on his trip around the world. Why not hold an
‘Around the World’ themed lunch in your work canteen.

1. Choose a country
2. Ask your colleagues to make a
3. Charge a small fee to take part
4. Enjoy a cultural feast!